mHealth App Developer Economics 2014

The State of the Art of mHealth App Publishing

This is the fourth edition of our yearly study on the state and the future of mobile healthcare. In this year’s report we have asked more than 2,000 mobile health app developers, health managers, project managers etc.

Our free report contains an in-depth market analysis on the current status and future impact of mHealth app publishing, a breakdown of different app stores, breakdowns of who is publishing mHealth apps today, the business aspect of publishing healthcare apps and and outlook of how the market will look like in the future.
mHealth App Developer Economics 2014 report

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Questions answered:

  • How is the mHealth market’s status quo?
  • What is the future of mHealth apps?
  • How does the choice of your business models, app category, publisher type effect downloads or revenue?
  • What are the most important revenue sources today?
  • How will the market look like in 5 years’ time?
  • Which disruptive changes can be expected for mobile healthcare?
  • Which factors will have the biggest impact of mHealth on healthcare costs, diseases, regions, distribution, patient outcome?
  • Who is publishing mHealth apps today and what are typical app developer profiles?
  • What are the  main differences between typical app developers (company size, medical background, motivation, business models, etc.)?
  • Apart from simple health trackers and fitness apps, what kind of other apps are out there (e.g. remote monitoring, medical compliance, etc.)?
  • How are APIs, sensor aggregation services and big data changing mobile healthcare?
  • Is the mHealth app business sustainable today? What are sustainable mHealth business models?
  • What is the poverty line in mHealth app development?


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1) Key take-aways

Summary of facts

2) About the study

Scope, methodology, representation of the mHealth app economy

3) The mHealth market

mHealth app category share, number of apps, mHealth app market size, share of revenue sources

4) Who is publishing mHealth apps today

Motivation, app category and business model preference, market entry, target groups, mHealth app developers segments

5) Lessons from successful mHealth app publishers

Experience, app portfolio size, revenue model preference, API usage, tool usage, mobile platform preference

6) The connected mHealth app elite

Apps connect to app and sensors, new players providing App, API and sensor aggregation services, big mHealth data

7) Outlook: mHealth app publishing in 5 years

mHealth impact on healthcare, drivers and barriers, device preference, regulation, mobile platform future preference, app category and target group business potential, chronic disease target group preference, distribution channel change, regional business potential outlook

8) Thank you


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